Munali Coffee On The Travel Channel

Hand Washed Sun Dried Arabica Coffee

Lovingly grown under warm African skies, on ancient lands fed by clear Zambian waters, this is an exquisite coffee in the highest tradition of African Arabica.

With an elegant, bright, citrus-like acidity and excellent, tightly knit body, it yields a cup that is a delight on its own and that mixes harmoniously with other coffees to add the lift that is the hallmark of top-quality blends.

This is a rare coffee – grown at 1108m of altitude on 60 hectares of land – of consistently outstanding quality. Achieving this traditional excellence in the cup is the result of constant and painstaking efforts on the part of Africans committed to coffee quality.

Every stage of production – selection and bedding in the first seedlings, diligent husbandry, selective harvesting, scrupulous hand washing and sun drying, careful conditioning, hulling and expert grading of the coffee – is carried out with one aim in mind: consistently guaranteeing the wonderful taste that more and more people are discovering.

We are proud heirs to a long tradition. We grow Munali Coffee in the shadow of the famous blue Munali Hills, named fondly by Zambians after the beloved explorer and missionary David Livingstone, who loved and walked the very land on which we grow our coffee today.

You too can discover this magical land, in every cup of Munali Coffee. Try it. We think you’ll be converted.